Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mercury Rev - See You on the Other Side (1995)

Amazing and often overlooked album by Mercury Rev. My personal favourite of theirs, it takes you somewhere else. Essential.

Check it out.

Official site.

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  1. Finally, a blog with description (although a shorty) that does not rip off from wiki or allmusic. Good job! :D
    I TOTALLY agree with you, this an overlooked album..just because 'cult' member David is missing. Well, I had no clue who he was when I found this in a collection as a picture disc LP, and put it on and was transported to a unique place. Not too long after, I heard some Flaming lips and saw a co-relation. So, turns out, some members left to help the lips in the 80's? well they have a dynasty of pop psychedelia for the current age, that is worth listening to..with or without David. Mr.Baker did put out interesting LP called SHADY 'world' around this time, which is a nice contrast, but similar thread, also to this. I think there is only one track I don't really like but even that's not bad, it's the house-dance track that invokes Primal Screamadelica..not lame, but a little out of place.